Traveling Back to Tuscany: June 2015

I traveled to Tuscany in June 2015 to refresh some memories of Piero della Francesca's amazing fresco chapel in Arezzo "The Legend of the True Cross." But I also had another motive for traveling that would provide guidance on a series of paintings I was working on. I wanted to know how a single work of painting and sculpture can tell a story, unlike the performing arts, music, film, and literature, where time is an element of the narrative.

My understanding medieval artwork required some facts in understanding the language of the artist (which is true for all art interaction), such as symbols of the saints and their martyrdom, the politics of money, the politics of religion, "The Golden Legend", and the values of the viewers and those commissioning the art. I visited Pisa, Lucca, Arezzo, and Sansepolcro (birthplace of Piero della Francesca; bought by the Medicis from the Church; saved from WWII bombing to save the fresco "The Resurrection" which had been called "the beautiful painting in the world").

I stayed at least 5 days in each of the city/towns with side trips to Cortona (St. Francis footsteps) and Monterchi (birthplace of Piero's mother).

My days were filled with photography: art, gesturing saints, street art, road art, scenic vistas, town life, poetic images, and they were filled with eating well and loving Tuscany. Discovery and adventure. This website offers some evidence.

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